NYABG to Watch: Syd tha Kid from The Internet & Odd Future

Syd the Kid

Eyooo! NYABG is back! After a sloppy hot summer of way too many music festivals, beach trips and boozie brunches, I’m ready to fill your head with Not Your Average content and maybe a few laughs along the way. So what better way to jump start the slow dismal decline into depression winter, than some HOT TRACKS?!

Without further adieu, I give you Sydney Loren Bennett AKA Syd tha Kid AKA dope ass producer from Tyler the Creator’s Odd Future collab and member of the trip-hop group The Internet. Never heard of her? GET TO KNOW. She’s talented, a crazy vocalist, and beautifully androgynous to match. Don’t let the hair fool you- She’s no Janelle Monae knock-off. Syd the Kid is a writer, producer, singer, and DJ by way of Cali/Crenshaw.

This delicious track off The Internet’s sophomore album Feel Good, is a perfect combo Syd’s sweet vocals and an almighty Neptunes’ beat.

Feel Good- The Internet

Bump to this and thank me below 😉


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