The Scandal Season Finale…Drinking Game…Oh Ya, I Said It

Gather round folks, time to get le tips with your favorite Gladiator. BUT FIRST! A few facts about America’s favorite guilty pleasure:

1. Scandal is written and directed by a very NYABG Shonda Rhimes, the writer behind Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

2. Olivia Popes character is LOOSELY based on real life Washington DC fixer Judy Smith, who unforunately isn’t having an affair Obama/Bush/Clinton (although if she was, I guess we wouldn’t know about it- duh.)

3. With plummeting network TV ratings, thanks to cable hits like The Walking Dead (AMC), Breaking Bad (FX), Game of Thrones (HBO) and Homeland (Showtime), Scandal still manages to be the #1 Drama on Network TV- woo hoo!

So now on to the good stuff. We found out who the mole is, so now time to see if The Gladiators and save Olivia’s ass in 60 thrilling minutes! So put down the popcorn, and pick up a glass of wine. Time to play the Scandal Season Finale Drinking Game (21+..sorry babies)


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