Girl to Watch: Judith Hill on the Voice

Ya ya ya, singing competitions are sooooo OD. American Idol is complete sh*t. Nikki Minaj officially made it worse. Americas Got Talent has turned into a freak show and does anybody even watch The X Factor anymore? Regardless, I used to watch the first season of The Voice religiously and was instantly HOOKED, and while I’ve been on hiatus from, as far as I’m concerned, the only good singing competition show on TV, I’m SOOoOoOO happy I’m back!

The talent this season is outta control y’all, and I’m not ashamed to say some of my fav contestants are country singers *gasp*. But my ultimate Voice Girl Crush HAS to go to mixie baby, and honorary NYABG Judith Hill from #TeamAdam Levine. I mean, I kind of fell in love with her at first sight (and first note), and after viewing her DOPETASTIC performance last night, I’m sure you will agree.


Not only is she a stunning mix of some-breed-of-Asian and black (that HAIR, omggaahh), she was a former back up singer for the late great Michael Jackson, and proves she deserves her own time in the limelight. She has always been a front-runner, but she does have some SERIOUS competition (including my second fav, country crooner Amber Carrington).


But after this amazing rendition of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, get ready to pick your jaws up off the floor:



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