MET BALL 2013 aka a Halloween Inspired Freak Show

Right. So the MET Gala is Hollywood’s chance to dress balls to the wall without offending anyone, express their personal style, rep the most forward and unabashed fashion icons of our day and parade around NYC’s best museum and sip champagne. Oh the life.

Today everyone’s a buzz about the fashion, the fashion, THE FASHION!!! And of course, I was Insta-stalking all last night to get the lowdown on my fav’s. However, I can’t help but being a twee bit disappointed by my girls, Bey, Kerry and JLo and wow’d by my usual gag reflecting stars Anne and Blake. The former came correct, while the others were snores-ville at best and frightening at worst. Overall, the fashion last night was a Halloween inspired freak show.

As a finger flicked my way through last night’s style choices, I couldn’t help but be either half asleep or a little horrified (is it me or has award season this year been overall pretty lack luster??) I also spied with my little eye, several statement dresses on repeat– Lots of bondage, lots of baroque, lots of white with long trains, and some frightening choices by some of the biggest stars (dear god Kim K who lied to you?! #fireyourstylist).

PUNK, PUNCH, PUKE: I get people were dressing as a nod to the MET’s newest exibit on the history of punk fashion, but there’s a reason why punk is HISTORY

DRACULA’S WEDDING: True Blood, Vamp Diaries, Twilight– Yes we’re all obsessed with getting our blood sucked and smacked around by pale hunks that only come out at night, but this goth fashion needs a face lift. It’s almost SUMMER for Chrissake. Can we lighten it up a little??

BAD BAD BAROQUE: “Omg let’s do Baroque, it’s like super super trenddaayyy.” Is that why everyone is wearing it- so horrifically?

SLICE AND DICED: Time to go on a diet everyone. The world is showing some skinzzzz

ODE TO GRANDMA’S COUCH: Remember your gma’s old sofa- stratchy, smelled like mildrew and was covered in cat hair? Apparently Kim K’s stylist felt inspired.

NEXT STOP…SNORESVILLE: And there there were some who ran down to David’s Bridal, picked up something that wasn’t marred by makeup stains and said, “Hey! Let’s wear this to the biggest fashion event of the season!” Nice. Great idea.

Now finally for some of the looks I DID like- I know you think I’m a super hater, but I’m just feeling a little salty today, mmm kay?

Photocredit: NY Daily News & Huffington Post


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