3 Missing Girls Found Alive In Cleveland, OH

Hot off the presses! Read all about it! A miracle on Seymour Street in Cleveland when 3 missing girls were rescued from a kidnappers’ dungeon of sketch aver 10 years of captivity. Details are still spewing from all news outlets on who these kidnappers are and the apparently horrific circumstances of these poor girls’ survival.

Michele Knight, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus were all kidnapped over a decade ago- Knight disappeared afer leaving her cousin’s house in 2002; Berry, then 17, never came home after her shift at a local Burger King in 2003, and DeJesus, a 14 yr old middle schooler in 2004, was snatched while walking home from a near by junior high.

While the drama will continue to unfold- America is currently raptured with this little gem- the first interview with an observant neighbor, Charles Ramsey, who helped Amanda Berry escape her kidnappers home that eventually lead to the escape of all three girls. While he most certainly is a hero, some of the one liners in here are classic, and a GIF of the vid has already gone viral. Gotta love America-


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