Diplo Ain’t Your Average DJ


Mastermind behind Major Lazer and record label Mad Decent, Diplo’s beat-making genius has been creating waves since producing M.I.A’s album back in ’04. Since then he’s put his magical touch on collabs with billboard tyrants Beyonce, Chris Brown, Santigold, Azealia Banks, Usher, and the Biebz (just to name a few). His unique ability to weave ethnically indigenous sounds like dancehall, trap with electric dance beats has earned him the praise of fans all over the world. His Mad Decent Block Parties , a summer concert tour featuring the unique artists on his label, have become a huge hit with underground music and dance enthusiasts of all colors and creeds (this NYABG included!). Diplo has begun to change the landscape of dance music, weaving all types of music together to one delicious mad mad mix.

major lazer

Last week his latest Major Lazer album, Free the Universe, dropped and I’ve been jammin to it all WEEK! If you haven’t been put on, now you know. Now find a wall, and get your back up off it, cuz it’s time to sweat! Here’s a sneak peak of a single off the album (and last year’s summer jam) “Get Free”. Enjoy!


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