Do you spot a Mixie Baby? Controversy Sourrounds the Paternity of MJ’s kids…again


There was always been an eye brow raising moment whenever Micheal Jackson claimed paternity of his three kids Prince, Paris and Blanket. I don’t know anyone who ACTUALLY believes MJ is the biological father of those fine faired, straight haired offspring. Sure we know their mother, Debbie Rowe, is of European decent and mixie babies come in all shades of the rainbow, but rumors have swirled for years that Prince and Paris’s real father is Micheal’s former dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein. The resemblance between Prince and Klein is pretty spot on.

And according to the tabloids poor little Blanket (in addition to having the strangest name in pop history-beating out Gweneth/Coldplay’s Apple by a nose), was fathered by MJ’s long time body guard Matt Fiddes via an anonymous surrogate.

Now, 4 years after Micheal’s death, the long standing question on who actually fathered the Jackson children is back in the public eye yet again! A TMZ report claims the Jackson’s (including mother Katherine), have asked the judge presiding over the singer’s wrongful death suit, to exclude any evidence regarding the paternity of Jackson’s children. True it makes no difference who fathered his children as the courts uncover whose responsible for Micheal’s death- but DAMMIT, we wanna know!

How does one get away with claiming paternity to kids who don’t have an sprinkle of African American features? Not a whisper of brown pigmentation, or a curly hair kink? As a mixie baby myself, coming from a long lineage of bi-racial family members of various degrees, it’s HIGHLY unlikely MJ’s baby spermoids even breathed past the womb that birthed Prince, Paris or Blanket. Blanket..mayyybe, but again, I doubt it. It’s really a shame that the world won’t see MJ’s innate pop DNA blossom into the next Justin Bieber/Beyonce phenom.

As far as I’m concerned, Micheal’s entire post-Thriller life was two decades of super shady business. Sketchy little boy business at Neverland, Vitiligo or no Vitiligo, public denials of excessive nose chopping, and of course claiming he fathered kids that look nothing like him in the slightest. He has entire payrolls lying for him under oath, throwing him pills, turning a blind eye to abuse and jetting out sperm to build his baby empire.

Ah- I loved Man in the Mirror, but even in death you make me uncomfy MJ. But may you rest in peace while we piece together your infamous life, death, and legacy.

Stay tuned #NYABG’s!


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